Relda: From a Nightmare to a Dream


My dreams and nightmares have always been more imaginative than I ever believed my brain could conjure, but there is only one that returned time and time again. I had a recurring nightmare throughout my childhood that would wake me with a pounding heart and I would be unable to sleep lest it return. It felt like a story that was meant to be written as it kept entering my sleeping mind, frightful and other-worldly.

Thankfully as an adult, I no longer have this nightmare, but I have never forgotten it. I recently wrote a middle-grade novel, Relda, based on it, which has turned my childhood torment into a dream! I hope to share it with all of you soon! Keep checking back for updates!

If you have had any reoccurring dreams yourselves, please share them in the comments – as long as they’re PG!:) I’d love to hear what your imagination can conjure!


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