ABC Adventures

ABC AdventuresA fun-filled series of picture books, my “ABC Adventures” series follows the lives of the inhabitants of ABC Apartments, taking readers on an alliterative adventure in every book. This series was inspired by my sons, who told me it would be fun if I could write a story about a guy  who loves pancakes and dogs and lived in Seattle (this said as we had pancakes for dinner in our Seattle-suburb home while our pooch prayed for scraps under the table – sometimes the best ideas are born from daily life!). That night the story poured easily from my mind and “Patrick’s Purple Pancakes” was born. The story is packed with alliteration and has a surprise twist at the end. My kids and I loved the story of Patrick so much that I decided to continue writing about Patrick’s neighbors in the Seattle-based apartment building.  “Abigail and the Armadillo” is the latest in the series and gives you a peek into a young girl’s visit with her Aunt Alice in the ABC Apartments. I hope to share this series with all with you soon!

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